Fleet Pass

Fleet Pass

West Coast Aviation Services Fleet Pass

It’s your pass to better business

Whether for business or pleasure, traveling by charter is far and away the best way to fly. Private jet charters offer unmatched flexibility, privacy, security and time efficiency. But it may not be feasible from a budget standpoint to charter every flight. That’s why West Coast Aviation Services has introduced Fleet Pass. Fleet Pass is a no-nonsense membership program that gives you significant savings and flexibility. As a Fleet Pass member, you will have access to our entire charter fleet, where you’re not locked into any one specific type of aircraft. With Fleet Pass, you will have full benefits of executive charter flights with increased flexibility, and increased productivity without compromise.

  • First Orange County-based charter operator to offer a membership-based discount program for chartered flights
  • Access to the entire charter fleet
  • No monthly flight hours limits
  • Three optional discount levels
  • Account balances are completely refundable at any time
  • Exit or Renew at any time – no fees upon exiting

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