West Coast EVO Partners Ownership

The Piaggio EVO

Distinctive Elegance.

West Coast Aviation Services welcomes the newest line of Italian-built aircraft to our renowned Fractional Shares Program.  Introducing the sleek and aerodynamically designed Piaggio EVO. Experience the prestige and unmatched elegance that merges the performance and feel of business jet travel, while maintaining  the cost efficiency of  turboprop operations.

  • The newly designed twin turboprop is the best performer in its class reaching a maximum ceiling of 41,000 feet and reaching speeds of 450 mph saving you valuable time and money
  • Experience quiet solace and increased cabin dimensions – offering a height of 5’ 9” and a width of 6’ to comfortably seat a maximum of 7 passengers
  • Immerse yourself in the state-of-the-art inflight entertainment system, while staying connected to the world of business via complimentary domestic Wi-Fi

The benefits are clear as both the performance and sleek interior design is unmatched by any other aircraft in its class and only West Coast EVO Partners offers the exclusive cost advantages in owning a fractional share in this aircraft.

Take full advantage of our Limited Time offer.  Only 4 DAYS left to own a share in the West Coast EVO Partners Program at a greatly reduced purchase price and monthly savings.

  • $100,000 Off Initial Price
  • Plus $1,000 Off The Monthly Management Fee for 60 Months
  • Special Pricing Ends July 1, 2017

West Coast EVO Partners
Less cost. More freedom.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of owning your aircraft, but with minimal cost. Fractional ownership provides the advantages of aircraft ownership at a much lower cost and removes the stress of aircraft ownership responsibilities.

West Coast EVO Partners allows you to experience the exceptional value of time saved, increased flexibility and consistency of service coupled with the safety and security you would expect as an aircraft owner.  You also enjoy a greatly reduced price of entry, predictable costs, reduced tax liability, and priority access to our entire private charter fleet.



West Coast EVO Partners Advantages

    • Affordable option in private aircraft ownership
    • Flexibility, safety and security of private air travel
    • Tax Benefits
    • Predictable Costs
    • Priority access to entire charter aircraft fleet