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West Coast Aviation Services specializes in the sale, acquisition, ownership and operation of large, medium and small cabin jets and turboprop aircraft, and we’ve been matching people to the right aircraft for more than two decades. We are dedicated to maximizing our clients’ positions during the purchase, sale and operation of aircraft around the globe. Our team’s in-depth knowledge and extensive experience can provide insight into questions you didn’t even know you should ask. For unparalleled guidance and personalized services delivering maximum value, call now. 800.352.6153

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GippsAero Airvan 8 by Mahindra Aerospace

West Coast Aviation Services brings you the worldwide favorite GA8 Airvan. We are the exclusive distributor for the GA8 Airvan in the Western United States: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii.

The world’s most efficient and versatile utility aircraft, this fully FAA-certified, operationally proven workhorse provides outstanding performance while keeping acquisition and operational costs affordable.

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Fractional Shares Ownership

Less cost. Less hassle. More freedom.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of owning your aircraft, but with minimal cost. With shared, or fractional, ownership, you purchase a share of an aircraft. You enjoy flexibility, availability of your aircraft-type with minimum advance notice, consistency of amenities and service, and the safety and security you’d expect as an aircraft owner. You also enjoy a greatly reduced price of entry, lower maintenance costs and reduced tax liability. Call now to talk to a salesperson: 800.352.6153

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