GippsAero Airvan 8 by Mahindra Aerospace

West Coast Aviation Services brings you the worldwide favorite GA Airvan 8. We are the exclusive distributor for the GA Airvan 8 in the Western United States: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii.

The world’s most efficient and versatile utility aircraft, this fully FAA-certified, operationally proven workhorse provides outstanding performance while keeping acquisition and operational costs affordable.

Available with the Lycoming IO-540 or turbocharged TIO-540 power plants, the GA Airvan 8 is reliable and dependable, which will have an exceptionally positive impact on your bottom line. Factory support is available 24/7, and the GA Airvan 8 is backed by a growing number of factory authorized service centers in North America.

Sporting a quick change interior, the GA Airvan 8 can be reconfigured quickly and easily. It’s ideal for a variety of businesses and uses, including:

Air Tours: Approximately 30% of the GA Airvan 8 fleet operating around the world are engaged in tour operations

Emergency Medical Evacuation: For those instances where you have to get people in and out of remote locations safely

Freight Operations: With nearly 1,300 lbs. of full-fuel payload capability, this workhorse will deliver the goods

ISR Operations: Custom configurations available for law enforcement and search and rescue missions

: The GA Airvan 8 is ideal for skydiving operations, since it can quickly attain altitude, return to base, then head up again right away

Unimproved Field Operations: Ruggedly built, the GA Airvan 8 was initially designed for operations in the Australian Outback